Sunday, January 5, 2014

Week 1 reviewed

Week one was a success. If you don't mind success being replacing meat with chocolate.

Just kidding.


Actually I think it went pretty well. The hardest part was when I took my kids to Taco Bell for their first time so I didn't really know what they would eat. My boy is easy, he loves beans so I just got him a bean burrito. My daughter is tough, she doesn't eat much so I asked her what she wanted: taco, cheese quesadilla, or bean burrito. And she chose a taco, but then didn't like it cause it was too messy. She is a little three year old princess. It was pretty difficult for me to just throw her taco away, usually I would just eat it since I gave her my food but instead we had to stop again somewhere. But after a couple hours, out of sight, out of mind and no problems.

I have felt more tired than usual so I ordered some iron tablets, we will see if it helps.

This week I have enjoyed:

Things I need to improve:

  • I need to get moving! 
  • Get some pescatarian/vegetarian freezer meals made.

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