Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Day 1

I started the New Year off with a cookie: and thus the tone is set.

Just kidding.

I hope.

Anyway, I did follow my Pescatarian diet. Beside the cookie (or two) for breakfast/lunch (I woke up at noon), the family went to Olive Garden and I ordered their minestrone soup (which wasn't my favorite), salad, and the Seafood Brodetta which was a kind of seafood stew that was on their "lighter fares" menu that was really delish. Packed half to go (because I was too full from the breadstick) so I have lunch for tomorrow!

We also went out for ice cream from a Groupon and I had ice cream and another cookie. I'm awesome. Now you know my perspective on all this though.

The dreaded Wednesday weigh in started today and I was pleasantly surprised:

Week 1: 154 pounds

In the last couple of weeks that is my lowest weigh in.

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